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In Memory and in Support of Service

In October 1864, three women in our home state of Pennsylvania are said to have decorated the graves of loved ones who died during the Civil War. They then returned the next July, accompanied by others, for a more formalized commemoration. Some believe this was the origination of what would become Decoration Day, now known as Memorial Day.


On this last Monday of May, we take time to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country and its ideals, helping to secure the many freedoms we enjoy every day.


It is in this spirit that we are announcing a new program to help our military members and their families. Starting today, 5% of all sales of our military themed products will be donated to those charities that help to support the families of fallen or wounded soldiers.


We are proud to manufacture all our products in the United States, of our support of veterans through our hiring practices, and our ability to provide discounts to past and present service members. This is yet another way we believe we can continue to honor those who serve.


Thank you for being a part of our Fan-Brand community.

Harrison Grimm
Co-Founder & CEO

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